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We code with Domino ® equipment

We offer high quality Domino® brand consumables. We offer the ideal solution for your system. We have a wide range of fluids, parts and spare parts available for use in all Domino® brand inkjet equipment.
Cleaning solvents

What does Domino® offer?

* Option of solvents that do not harm the environment.

* Solvents for direct marking of food.

* UV drying inks for security codes or discrete applications. UV LIGHT readability.

* Pigmented inks for dark surfaces.

* When a color change is required, there is a color fear option.

Domino® Thermal Print Ribbon

We offer thermal printing ribbons suitable for each type of environment in which production takes place. Domino® V series machines have a range of tapes including:
* Premium wax
* Wax resin
* Standard resin
* Special resins