Integral and modular mounting






“The core of our labeling machines”

The German labeler is the ideal solution when you need to integrate it into your most commercial operation, product labeling, due to its modular construction and unmatched compact design. German labeling head is the right labeller to give a perfect fit. Thanks to its wide variety of available modules, the German labeling head can be integrated into any production line or a labeling machine designed for a particular process.



As for the manufacture of conveyor belts, DCF uses SpanTech technology.

What has the benefits:

  • Symmetry in 3 planes
  • Encapsulated string = non-catenary
  • Bidirectional scrolling
  • Technological simplicity
  • Fewer dynamic components
  • Less stock in parts
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Less specialization

Coding system

DCF offers all the technology available in the industrial coding area thanks to its strategic alliance with Domino Printing México, which is the world leader in coding.

Covering direct printing on product, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging (pallet) and all the possibilities of variable information such as batch, expiration, barcodes, 2D and whatever the project requires.

Domino and DCF ensure they have the precise option for their requirements according to the material to be printed and the environment where the printing is carried out.